All updates on how the COVID-19 coronavirus has affected our flights will be posted on this page.

Update: July 7, 2020

The safety and enjoyment of our passengers has always been at the core of everything we do.

Subject to safe and suitable hot air balloon flying weather conditions our season will commence as from July 11th. Please be aware that our shared flight balloon rides need 6–8 passengers to meet the minimum weight requirements. For our shared flights Due to Covid-19 the amount of people rescheduling so far this season is greatly reduced. So please be aware that even if the weather conditions are suitable for flight on the day that you are scheduled to fly, there must be a minimum of 6 passengers scheduled on your flight in order for the flight to go ahead. This of course does not affect our Private flights for just two people. We are always actively working to try to fill each shared flight with at least 6–8 passengers per flight.


All passengers will be asked health questions upon arrival and will only be permitted to check in for their flight if they are not at risk of having COVID-19. While our balloon flights do take place with plentiful open fresh air there will still be multiple changes made to our operations. We will be adding clear vision divider panels for each 2 person compartment on the balloon basket. We will have hand sanitizers available and a face mask for people who do not bring their own. It is important to know, however, that passengers may need to travel in our van after the flight, back to the launch location. There would more than likely be 5–8 passengers and at least 2–3 staff members needing to travel in the van at one time. To reduce the number of people needing to travel in the van at one time, we suggest that all passengers have a friend or family member follow the balloon in their own vehicle. By doing so, they can collect their friends or family members after the balloon flight and help us limit the amount of passengers needing to ride in our van. We will also be suspending the after flight Champagne toast and snacks for added caution until further notice. All equipment (balloon basket and vehicles), will be fully sanitized before and after every flight. You can also expect our staff to be equipped when necessary with personal protective equipment (gloves and masks).


All flight vouchers purchased online come with free, instant email delivery for the ideal contactless gift purchase experience. We have also extended the validity of all vouchers to 18 months, rather than the usual 12, ensuring you have more time to book a flight once we’re back in the skies. We are counting down the days until our beautiful balloons can go up, up and away once more.


If you already have a valid, bookable flight voucher, we have automatically extended it to October 2021.

This ensures you not only have time to book if and when we are able to start flying this season, but also during next year’s season without any risk of your vouchers expiring. There is no need to contact us to activate this extension.

We will continue to review the situation, should the need arise for any further validity extensions.


Simon and Carolyn remain available to assist you during normal office hours, Monday to Friday and can be contacted via email at For our safety and well-being, we continue to work from home and we ask that you please allow at least 2–3 working days for a response to any emails.

We look forward to taking you up, up and away before too long – and promise you the wait will absolutely be worth it.

Thank you for your understanding and helping to support our small, local, family run business. With your help we shall stay afloat and wish all of you the very best.

Ontario Hot Air Balloon Rides